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From The Producer of Multi Best Film Awards Wins With multiple film releases across U.S.A, U.K, E.U, Hong Kong and on DVD, V.O.D & , comes...
The 'Convincing Film Investors To Invest £1M+' Coaching Program
In 90 days...Convince Film Investors To Put £1M+ into your Film Project
Attention: Filmmakers & Producers...

If you're reading this, it means that you're finding it very tough to raise £1M or more because investors & producers aren't convinced that your project is investible, will make money & can generate ROI!

Do you want to:

☞ Stop struggling to communicate effectively to your prospective investors to raise the money?

☞ Have more than enough film financing sources available to you...everytime?

☞ Find the first money in without having pre-established distribution deals?

☞ Understand the financial aspects of the film business enough to sound confident in what you're saying & doing?

☞ Steer clear of hearing that your film projects are too risky? So that...

☞ You can put an end to investors waiting to follow only if other investors have committed to your films.

Why You're Not Succeeding To Convince?
I've watched, mentored & consulted with 100's of filmmakers & producers of all types - from newbie filmmakers to A-listers, many of them up close and personal for over 15 years.

As a result of these experiences and heart-felt conversations with many of them that I am close to (some of whom have paid a heavy price), I can tell you that you have a mountain to climb to convince genuine film investors. 

You might think your £1M+ indie film is the next big thing, but that's not enough to get investors INTERESTED & to PERSUADE them to get onboard. What they need to see clearly is why your project could be fantastic for them - commercially & otherwise!!!

Instead if what they see is your 'Living The Dream as a Filmmaker' vibe coming across too much to them...that scares them as they believe they will loose their shirt on your film. 

This is the #1 reason an unconvincing filmmaker or a poorly packaged £1M+ film project gets torn apart by investors. 

There is a fine line between your £1M+ film project being INVESTIBLE & it being just 'YOUR Dream Project' that has been your baby for years. When you have crossed it, you're beyond the point of no -return.

Turn Things Around
There will always be winners in the film financing game, don't you want to make ENSURE it's YOU?

The good news is you can still turn things around for your project and MAKE IT investible - if you go into the £1M+ film financing game with the knowledge & skills you've acquired from someone who has the experience & mentoring skills you lack! 

To convincingly succeed the next time you're in front of a film investor or an A-list talent, you'll need very large quantities of:

➀ help from an experienced producer, who's willing to help you, And...
➁ Their time

In my experience, both of them are PRECIOUS COMMODITIES for any producer worth their salt.

In most cases you can't afford their time & it's highly unlikely that they'll just GIVE it to you, so you will have to take the help you can get to learn the skills sets - so that you can convincingly package £1M+film projects, take them  to the market and easily get them financed - nearly everytime!

Do You Need Help Convincing Film Investors To Invest big sums??
If the answer is yes, then my Convincing Film Investors Coaching Program is for you.

Hi! I’m Philip Varghese, the founder of and an independent film producer, indie film financing expert & a BAFTA member for close to 15 years.

I have personally funded more than 10 indie films and over the years, I've mentored and consulted on film projects with financing budgets ranging from £100K to £10 Million+.

Helping film projects qualify for £1M+ & more in film financing is my clear skill set and I have successfully coached many filmmakers & producers like you.
Before proceeding to explain how I can work with you to get rid of your film money problems, allow me to make some things crystal-clear: 

❒ You're not going to be pitched some magic formula.

❒ Instead you'll learn what's worked for my clients' film projects and how I helped them convincingly raise millions of $$$....and most importantly what's working right now.

❒ There is no B.S theory in this coaching program, only practical steps to getting in front of film investors, convincing them to invest while attaching named talent and much more...

What To Expect ...
If you work with me for 90 days, you'll become more than just a friendly filmmaker to film investors or big name talent or to anyone else who matters. You'll clearly understand their mindset and easily reel them into wanting a 'piece of the action' because you already know:
  • Exactly what a struggling filmmakers needs to do 'right away' to make themselves more attractive and credible to professional film investors. And avoid being put on their 'waiting list'. 
  • How to get investors to call you back with the same urgency as if you were a Hollywood A-lister, without being one.
  • The fatal mistakes to avoid that trigger an 'automatic response' inside of a patron or big name talent,  that subconsciously prevents them from being associated with you.
  • How to flip their 'psychological triggers' instead, as soon as you contact and meet them. 
  • The 10 business traits that will draw an investor or film financier to your project. Master just 3-4 of them and you'll have a big advantage over other filmmakers. Master them all and no one will be able to say no to you. You will learn how to do this easily and fast.
  • Three things you can do in the crucial first 10 minutes with a potential investor or talent that instantly let's them know you're 'in their league'. When they realise you're a rare catch, they will do anything they can to get onboard your project.
  • What to say when a potential financial patron asks you a 'loaded' question and how to smoothly and effortlessly avoid it all together - even 'catch-22' situations & 'pay-or-play' contracts.
  • The right way to handle and overcome objections and skepticism from potential financiers, talent agents, distributors & sales agents. Do this wrong and you're dust. You'll know how to calmly break down their resistance while asking for more money or getting commitments.
  • My special secret for turning any phone or Skype conversation with an investor into an exciting experience about your film and makes them not want to hang up. Instead they run straight to their cheque books.
  • My favorite "never fail" way to start a meeting with a high roller, that works EVEN BETTER on millionaire backers. (The best part is it gets them to do the talking...while you just sit back and listen)
The Results After 90 days...
By the end of the 90 day period, you'll  be competent enough to have the film financing doors open for you and be in a position to:

➊ Let investors know that they may not have an ROI and still convince them to invest

➋ Pitch your project to several investors and get them to commit when they come to the table

➌ Package your project and present it with a focus on better explaining the financial benefits to the investor including tax incentives

➍ Get investors to write the cheque without them waiting for one another to do so.

➎ Make legitimate investors to follow through after they have said YES!

➏ Be far more knowledgeable and confident with the film biz

➐ Follow a commercial roadmap that you can use endlessly on all your £1M+ film projects - old and new.

And, much much more...

If you continue to run into problems raising the money yourself, you can always re-do another 90 days of coaching with me.


The Convincing Investors Coaching Program is not the same as my Executive Producer (EP) Consulting Services where I come onboard/get attached to a specific £1M+ film project & for which I charge in the thousands of £££, but an 90 day coaching service, offered at a fraction of that cost.

(Please email me separately to enquire about my EP services)


If you're wondering why, well there are a few reasons actually...

1) I enjoy it. I really, really enjoy it. I love to coach and there is nothing more gratifying than helping & seeing a filmmaker or producer succeed in obtaining the financing they need to make their £1M+ dream film project come true on screen.

2) Secondly, I get a lot out of the coaching too - it keeps me sharp and also expands my testing environment, to see what's working and not working. Plus, I also learn a lot from my coaching clients.


I'm based in London, U.K so the coaching is done over the phone or via Skype between the hours of 08:00-20:00 (BST, U.K Time).

Because we'll often be discussing confidential results and information (which I don't publically reveal), you're allowed to record our calls for your own private use only. Many clients like to record our calls- especially when discussing copy suggestions, because they find they can use my verbal suggestion verbatim.

Before we start working together in the coaching program, I'll ask you to fill out a questionnaire answering a series of questions about your film background & history of raising financing and your goals for the next 90-180 days. 

These questions are designed to help me understand where you are - as well as identify potential hidden opportunities and low-hanging fruit. 

From there, we'll establish a game plan and decide where we should place our initial focus. 

We'll move fast - and we'll get a lot done together.


With this option, you and I will have a 60 minute one-on-one call every other week. 48 hours prior to our call, you have the option to send me a 1-pager outlining your questions, challenges, and items you'd like for us to cover together. 

You can also send along any work you've done that you'd like for me to review.

The cost of this option: You Pay Just GBP £1997.00/month billed every 30 days via paypal

➫ You can most likely claim these monthly coaching costs as a tax-deductible expense (please check this with your tax advisor)


With this option, you and I will have a 60 minute one-on-one call every week.

The cost of this option: You Pay Just GBP £2997.00/month billed every 30 days via paypal

➫ You can most likely claim these monthly coaching costs as a tax-deductible expense (please check this with your tax advisor)

OFFER- Get 30% OFF & More!!!

If you pay for the full 90-days worth of coaching in advance as one single payment, you'll receive 30% off the total value of the 90-day coaching option you choose.

On top of that, if you take up the 30% offer, you'll also benefit from a free high-value training audio/video recording delivered to you inbox every week, that will specifically address your most pressing problems that you were stuck on during the week and how to fix them.

After signing-up, simply message me to let me know you wish to avail of this 30% discount & related offers.


Obviously this coaching program isn't for everyone. This program is for highly motivated people who want to put in the hard work for 90 days.

And while there are no long term commitments and you & I both have a mutual option to cancel at anytime, because I can't get my time back - there are also no refunds in this program either. 

You'll notice I clearly mention my rate price and don't make you call me on the phone to find out how coaching costs. This is because the coaching is just a small part of what I do in the film business and I'm not doing it because I need the money. 

However, my time is valuable & irreplaceable, so your financial commitment to this coaching program is the biggest indicator that you're serious, want it badly and you're wiling to sacrifice, beg, borrow or steal or save hard to achieve your film dreams! 

Moreover, if you don't have the money now, you will need to find it & more because a £1M+ film's financing costs money and so will having a successful filmmaking career.

Most importantly, if you won't invest in yourself, why would any film investor want to??


I can't guarantee your success, because i don't know your background or your work ethic. If you join this program and don't put in the effort, you won't achieve the film financing results you're looking for. 

You'll only grow if you apply what you learn and take advantage of everything I'm offering you here.

This program does not contain any guarantees other than the fact that I will make myself available to you.


Spots are made available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

If the order links below have been disabled, then it means that I'm currently fully -booked up. If spots are available, simply choose whether you'd like to sign up for the weekly or bi-weekly option below.

NOTE: After clicking one of the paypal payment buttons below, you'll be redirected to a check out page where you will be asked to make the necessary payment using paypal.

Payments can be made with Paypal or a credit card (via PayPal’s service) by clicking the buy now button below. 

Once you've signed up & payment has been received, I'll email you with further instructions for setting up our first session as well as my private email address. I'll also ask you to answer a series of starter questions to help me understand your current situation and your filmmaking & film financing goals to kick-start our work together.

Coaching Spots are Currently Filled Up, But... 
Just '3' Spots Are Opening Up in Late September 2016 

If you'd like to be notified as soon as the spots become available, please add your name to the priority notification coaching waitlist below. Because spots often fill up quickly - and can sometimes take months to open, it's a good idea to add yourself to the list ...
even if you're just possibly interested :) 
What Filmmakers Say About Me & My Film Money Methodology
WOW! Philip's is quite a systematic process and can open the magic gates, as you've described. Once more, with my sincerest appreciation...
Nicholas Koontz - Producer/Director , New York
I went through Philip's's very insightful and uses a very innovative process that other filmmakers can also take advantage of.
Michael Henderson - ArtWerks Entertainment , Texas
"Working with Philip, I can honestly say I've never gotten more done in such a small amount of time. He's fantastic when it comes to raising film financing." Scott .D - Filmmaker, London
Philip's methods are not just theory. He navigates past the bull-shit  and has a no-nonsense approach to raising film finance. Every minute you spend talking to him is going to add more $$$ to your film's financing budget. I'm so grateful that he helped me. Carla. L- Filmmaker & Producer, NY
Philip is a positive, forward thinking and creative producer. His work and support on my short film was invaluable. It was great to work with him.
David Beazley
Writer/Director – London

Third Floor, 207 Regent Street London W1B 3HH, United Kingdom
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